Find The Right Training For Your Dog


Basic Obedience

The commands sit, down, stay, come, and walking on the leash are taught with the emphasis on handling the dog.  The goals of this class are to teach the dog to respect the handler, to create a happy dog/handler team, and to structure playtime to benefit your training.

Group Class - 6 One-hour sessions - $150

Private lesson - $60

"Great place for obedience training. I have taken all my shepherds there, and always satisfied!"

Stephen F.

In-Board Training

Training a dog takes a lot of time and consistency that is not always available in the home environment. At Milnerhaus, we are fortunate to be able to offer a unique In-Board training program to provide you and your dog with the best training available in our area.

During this program, your dog stays with us Monday thru Friday for 4 consecutive weeks. We work on obedience commands (on- and off-leash), as well as manners and correcting problem behavior. You will take your dog home on weekends with exercises to perform during the days at home. This allows you to not only keep in contact with your dog, but also to learn with him and see his progress! After the completion of the 4 weeks, we’ll have you and your dog visit us for 2 follow-up lessons together to make sure things are progressing nicely.

Each week when you drop off your dog, a trainer will spend time discussing any questions, problems, or requests you may have. At the end of the week, the dog will have a bath and good brushing before pick-up, when you will again meet with a trainer to discuss your dog’s progress before heading home.

This program is available to all breeds 4 months of age and older. No prior training is necessary. The cost of the In-Board training program is $1,000. All dogs MUST be in good health and properly vaccinated and in before entering the program. (Rabies, Distemper combo, & Bordetella.)

4 Week Course - $1,000


Beyond The Basics

A new obedience class where YOU choose the content!  From competitive obedience to “roll over” to scent training, the choice is yours.  Ask one of our trainers about your options for this class.  Completion of a Basic Obedience Class or In-Board training is a prerequisite for this class.

Semi-private lessons

$60 per person or bring a friend

for the same price.

Police K-9/Schutzhund/Protection

Milnerhaus has also provided and trained dogs for use in several of our area’s K-9 units.  Our methods concentrate on control of the K-9, with special emphasis on handling techniques.

Please call for programs and prices or to inquire about purchasing a puppy or trained dog.  A general personal protection training program, which runs for 6-10 months, depending on availability of the handler, averages $3,500.  (This cost is based on the handler supplying their own dog.

Customer Reviews

Kelly S.

"Milnerhaus is wonderful. I took my dog for training and an incident happened which they were more than happy to allow me to start another class as well as showed concern for my dog. They are extremely passionate about dogs and ensuring the satisfaction of their customers. The training was super helpful and helped me bond with my dog even more. I have also used their groomer and

 she is amazing. 

I would recommend to anyone!"

Shannon L.

"My goldendoodle Sadie was in training for four weeks with Al. It has been six months since her training we are so happy with the results! I am very overprotective of her and was nervous leaving her for the four weeks but she was excited to go back every time we dropped her off! We have never had a more well behaved dog"

Willam E.

"Our dog Stoch has been an excellent addition to our family!! He is well behaved well trained and a pleasure to be around. We bring him everywhere with us. Baseball and football games with the kids. Everyone stops to pet him and comments on how beautiful and how well trained he is! They are very surprised when We tell them he is a trained protection dog! He is very friendly but it is also good to know in this day and age he will protect our family with his life!! 

Thank you Al , Janet and the Milnerhaus staff for our 

wonderful dog."

Leonard P.

"Al thanks Chase is a Better Puppy because of the Training you Helped Donna and I with Keep up the 

Great Traning"

Jessica N.

"Al is exceptional at showing the dog owner how to provide obedience to dogs ! I have a jack Russell puppy and through the experience at Milnerhause Kennels I have a tame puppy knowing the proper way now to show correction ! 

Highly Recommend!!!"

Melissa L.

"Al is so patient and helpful, worth the 1 1/2 hr drive!! 

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